The Island of Barbados is recognized around the world for its sheer natural beauty, the richness of its culture and above all the friendliness of its people. It has a long-established tourist industry and is highly experienced in providing efficient service to a wide clientele. Barbados has a delightful climate, brilliant white sandy beaches and it is where rum was first distilled. The island has its very own gold coast for swimmers, named after the fabulous sands. Visitors come from all over the world to take part in windsurfing, surfing and sail boarding competitions. Sports fans can also play golf and tennis and watch some of the world’s best cricketers.


It is believed that Barbados’ first inhabitants were the Amerindians, more specifically the peaceful Arawaks and the cannibalistic Caribs. The Portuguese followed in 1537 and introduced wild boar to the island. They are also responsible for naming Barbados. The name has been an enduring mystery as the word means "Bearded Ones". However one explanation says the name Barbados was named after the bearded fig tree, which grew abundantly on the island at the time of its discovery in the 16th century. This tree is unusual in that it sends aerial roots from its branches, thus giving the impression of being bearded.

The Indians had disappeared by the time the first settlers – the British – landed in 1627. The British ruled until November 30, 1966, when Barbados became independent.


The culture of Barbados is expressed through lively calypso music, rhythmic dance, national festivals and fairs. Arts, crafts and island cuisine are equally expressive of the essence of Barbados. 
A wide range of sports including Cricket, soccer, sailing, golf, and basketball are played on the island with great enthusiasm. Many Barbadian sportsmen have excelled internationally at the game of cricket, which is played mainly in the territories of the British Commonwealth.


To See

Sightseeing opportunities include fortifications, plantation houses, museums, rum distilleries, and gardens. The Bathsheba area is worldwide known for its fantastic waves making it an ideal spot for surfing year-round. For nightlife, the best place to be is St Lawrence Gap where you can enjoy its live music, restaurants for all tastes and enormous dance floor.

Usefull Information

Airports: Grantley Adams International Airport.

Area: 166 square miles. (430 km2).

Business: Regular banking hours are Monday to Thursday from 8 AM to 3PM and until 5PM on Fridays.

Capital: Bridgetown.

Climate: Average temperature is 80°F (27°C) and the warm sunshine is moderated by a steady North East Trade wind. Rain comes in quick showers and more frequently during 'rainy' season from June through November.

Clothing: pack clothing of lightweight fabric and natural fibbers such as silks, light cottons, and linens for your trip to Barbados. Easy-wearing lightweight fabrics serve the dual purpose of being breathable for the cool sea breezes and providing comfort for lounging.
Barbados is drier than many of the islands in the Caribbean, but rain showers in the Caribbean usually come up suddenly, come down hard, and then are over fairly quickly, so you need to be prepared with a waterproof jacket or umbrella everywhere you go, especially in the wet season. Many Caribbean communities still retain conventions from their days as European colonies, and this is reflected in clothing etiquette. Beachwear is considered inappropriate anywhere except the beach. In shops and on town streets, you should be fully dressed with a shirt and shorts, or casual clothing for dining. Vacationers should note that there are no nude beaches on Barbados - in fact, nudism is illegal.

Currency: Barbados Dollar (BDS$) Barbadian dollar.

Customs: Duty free allowances are granted for up to 1 litre of potable spirits or wine, 200 cigarettes (one carton) or 100 cigars or 50 cigars and cigarettes not exceeding 230 grammas in aggregate. All articles in excess of this exemption are subject to the relevant duty and tax.

Economy: Barbados has a market based economy. Over the last four decades, the economy has shifted from an emphasis on agriculture towards the provision of services. The economy is now based on tourism, business, finance and general services, agriculture and manufacturing. Over the years, Barbados has achieved a relatively high per capita income under conditions of low inflation, low external indebtedness and a solid social and economic infrastructure.

Electricity: 110 volts AC, 50 cycles. Most hotels have 220 AC.

Entry & Departure requirements: Please refer to the official Barbados tourism website (link below) or ask us.

Health: Barbados where health care is top quality but Medical care can be somewhat expensive. For health and medical treatment while staying in Barbados, first consult the hotel for recommendations in finding a medical clinic, dentist, or doctor. Many hotels keep doctors and dentists on call so in non-emergency situations, check with the concierge before making the trip to the hospital. If you need urgent medical attention, consider having a member of your party take you to the hospital in a taxi if possible because ambulance service in Barbados is notoriously slow and sometimes ill-equipped.

Holidays: New Year’s Day (01JAN), Barrow Day (JAN), Good Friday & Easter Monday (MAR-APR), Heroes’ Day (APR), Labour Day (MAY), Whit Monday (MAY-JUN), Emancipation Day (AUG), Kadooment Day (AUG), Independence Day (NOV), Christmas (25-26 DEC).

Language: The official language of Barbados is English, but the Bajan dialect is widely spoken.

Political status: independent nation, member of the Commonwealth.

Population: 279,000.

Religion: More than 70 denominations, the largest Anglican, with big groups of Methodists, Moravian Brethren, Roman Catholics and Jews.

Security: Travelling in Barbados is generally safe and people there are quite friendly. However some petty crime and street crime do exist, as do more serious problems such as robbery. Visitors should take sensible precautions such as not carrying too much money around and should try to secure valuables in a hotel safe and take care to always lock and secure hotel room doors and windows. Finally, they should be especially vigilant on the beaches at night.

Shopping: Stores open Hours: from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 830am to 4pm on Saturdays (supermarkets close later on Saturday). Shopping is delightful. There are many different products which some are duty free upon presentation of passport and airplane ticket. The price is expensive but the ration quality-price for jewellery, clothes and ceramic is correct. We recommend buying rum, coral or jewellery made in it, batik and handicraft in wood.

Taxes & Service charges: In restaurant, If the tip is not already included, 10 to 15 percent is customary, although more is certainly allowed at your discretion if you feel that your service was particularly good, or that more of a tip is warranted for other reasons. Most hotels on Barbados add a service charge to the final bill, so do not be surprised to see the extra charge when you check out. It is generally 10 percent.

Telecommunications: the international dialling code for Barbados is 1 246 followed by seven digits. On the island, use the seven digits alone.

Time: Standard Time Zone: GMT – 4 hrs. Barbados Time does not operate Daylight-Saving Time.

Transportation: Transportation options from car rentals to public buses abound for every budget and fancy. Barbados has a public transportation system, serving most of the island’s population. Transit services are provided by the government-run Transport Board and private owners who operate route taxis (ZR’s) and minibuses.



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