Belize is located in Central America and it is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a diverse country with various cultures and languages. They also have the lowest population density in Central America with 14 people per square kilometer.


The first people to develop Belize were the Maya around 1500 B.C.E. As shown in archeological records, they established a number of settlements here. These include Caracol, Lamanai and Lubaantun. The first European contact with Belize occurred in 1502 when Christopher Columbus reached the area's coast. In 1638, the first European settlement was established by England and for 150 years, many more English settlements were set up.


The Belizean culture is made up of influences and people from Kriol, Maya, Garinagu (also known as Garifuna), Mestizo (a mixture of Spanish and Native Americans), Mennonites who are of German descent, with a blend of many other cultures from Chinese to Lebanese.

Courtesy is important to most Belizeans. It is not uncommon for Belizeans to greet each other on the street even if they have never seen each other before, or for acquaintances to spend minutes at a time chatting, oblivious to what is happening around them.



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To See

Belize has large array of diverse tourists, adventure tourists and eco-tourist attractions. The Belize Barrier Reef (second largest in the world), over 450 offshore Cayes (islands), excellent fishing, safe waters for windsurfing, swimming, cave rafting, boating, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, as well as many Maya ruins—support the thriving tourism and ecotourism industry. Of the hundreds of cave systems, Belize also holds the largest cave system in Central America, 544 species of birds, and well-preserved natural beauty.

Useful information

Airports: Philip S.W.Goldson Int Airport in Belize City, San Pedro Airport in San Pedro,
Big Creek Airport in Big Creek and Belmopan Airport in Belmopan.

Area: 22,966 km2.

Business: Government office hours are Monday to Thursday – 8:00AM to 5:00PM and
Fridays – 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Capital: Belmopan.

Climate: With an average yearly temperature of 84° F (29°C), it’s always warm, yet comfortable. Belize’s dry season is between February and May and has significantly lower rainfall than the rest of the year. June through December is our wet season, We also have a hurricane season, and while statistically Belize does not attract many major direct hits, it does get its share of severe tropical weather with high winds and rain.

Clothing: Dress code is casual. Most local businessmen and foreign investors wear a shirt and slacks, sometimes with a jacket.

Currency: Belize dollar (BZD).

Customs: Before you arrive in Belize you are issued a Passenger Arrival form that must be filled out (one form per family). You must indicate whether you are bringing plants, fruits, vegetables, meats or live animals Arms or ammunition or/and more than $10,000.00 Belize Currency or its equivalent in other currencies.

Economy: Small, open economy with high vulnerability to external shocks. The country remains relatively dependent on the agricultural sector. Moreover, the export sector is highly geared towards certain products/markets.

Electricity: 110 volts, 60 cycles.

Entry & Departure requirements: Please refer to the official tourist office website link below or contact us.

Health: Most minor ailments can be treated quickly—and cheaply—at doctor’s offices and clinics that can be found in all but a few remote areas. People who suffer from serious conditions can be taken to private clinics such as Belize Medical Associates or Belize Health Care Partners. Both of these facilities offer excellent services and costs are still very reasonable.

Holidays: New Year’s Day (01JAN), Baron Bliss Day (09MAR), Good Friday, and Easter Monday (MAR-APR), Labour day (01MAY), Commonwealth Day (24MAY), Saint George's Caye Day (10SEP), Independence Day (21SEP), Day of the Americas (12OCT), Garifuna Settlement Day (19NOV), Christmas and boxing Day (25-26DEC).

Language: English. However, the majority of Belizeans, regardless of ethnicity, speak an English-based creole called Belizean Creole (also referred to as Kriol) for most informal, social and interethnic dialogue.

Political status: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Population: 334,297.

Religion: Religious freedom is guaranteed in Belize. According to the 2010 census[1] 39.3% of Belizeans are Roman Catholics, 30.9% are Protestants (8.3% Pentecostal; 5.3% Adventist; 4.5% Anglican; 3.7% Mennonite; 3.5% Baptist; 2.8% Methodist; 2.8% Nazarene), 1.6% are Jehovah's Witnesses, 13% adhere to other religions (Maya religion, Garifuna religion, Obeah and Myalism, and minorities of Mormons, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Baha'is, Rastafarians and other) and 15.2% profess to be irreligious.

Security: While crime is no different from any other country, certain local conditions make it imperative for the traveller to take into account the reality that the crime rate is among the highest in Central America. Concerns include travel at night, road conditions, remote areas, and health risks.

Shopping: Shopping is as diverse as the country but don't expect glitz and glitter. Do expect an incredible array of hand-carved slate, woodcarvings, baskets, world-class hot sauces and jungle healing potions.

Taxes & Service charges: Belize has a Sales Tax (10%) which is applied to all goods and services except hotel accommodations. The hotel tax on the room rate is 9%. Some hotels also add a 10 -15% service charge to the bill.

Telecommunications: The international dialling code for Belize is + 501 followed by the number.

Time: Standard Time Zone: GMT – 6 hrs. Belize Time does not operate Daylight-Saving Time.

Transportation: Transportation includes local airlines, helicopter, rental cars, tour operators and buses that make getting around Belize easy. Boats, known locally as water taxis, are the primary means of transportation between the islands and the mainland and, of course, to barrier reef attractions. Regularly scheduled water taxis operate between Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro.


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