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This nature trip is an active way to discover Dominica. This Island is the Nature Island of the Caribbean, volcanic in its origin and known for its natural beauty, abundance of Rivers, Lakes, and waterfalls and most importantly its rich culture. Located between the two French speaking islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, which can be visited in a day by sea or air travel. The warm and friendly people welcome you to their shores. Come to explore Dominica!

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Departure from the closest airport near your home (price from Geneva but changeable) to Dominica. Arrival to Dominica Island, transfer to the hotel and check-in.
You will be able to visit Roseau, the Capital, and be close to all commodity of the city. If you chose another hotel, you can relax at the hot pools, or enjoy the swimming pool. No meals included.

After Breakfast, you will be picked up by the Guide at the hotel and drive through the capital city Roseau to the Botanical Gardens; up the lush and verdant Roseau Valley, with stops at scenic locations to providence, where the one and a half hour hike to the Middleham Falls begins. The trail passes through a 950 acre oceanic rainforest within the Morne Trois Piton National park. It is a walk of roughly 2h round trip.
En route the guides will explain about the rainforest trees and the wildlife. Upon reaching the waterfall there will be an opportunity to swim in the crystal clear pool at the base of the fall. After the falls the tour will proceed to the Freshwater lake, you will then have the picnic around the lake where you will appreciate a scenic view, and enjoy a unique experience: Kayak on the lake, For about 30 minutes.

To end the day we will proceed to “Ti kwen glo cho” which is a hot natural SPA located in the Roseau valley. You will be able to relax in a hot sulphur tub, mud pool, or shower for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then return to the base.
Breakfats and Picnic lunch included.

After breakfast, you will be picked up from the Hotel by the driver / Guide, driving along through the capital Roseau along the west Caribbean coast. Turning inland up the Imperial Road, through the Antrim Valley to the Spanny Falls these are two really great waterfalls in the forested interior. The walk (2hours round trip) starts off through agricultural lands and then descends into a river course where the waterfalls are located. From there the tour continues through the interior to the east Atlantic coast and to the Carib Indian Village where the indigenous Caribs live together as a group in their own community. After a small walk through the Model village, observing the Carib way of living and their traditional craft, regroup for lunch made by the Caribs, before proceeding to the Emerald pool for 15 minute walk and an opportunity to bathe in the crystal clear water. Return to base.

After breakfast, depart from the hotel and drive through the capital city Roseau to the Botanical Gardens and up the lush and verdant Roseau Valley to the Village of Laudat. From there you will board the Gondola, which carries 8 passengers, glide through secondary forest with diverse flora and fauna, some unique to the island the guide accompanies each gondola to educate you on the secrets of the forest. The ride takes approximately 70 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the lush vegetation and diverse bird life. From Laudat we take a 15 minute walk to the Ti Tou Gorge which is one of the most unique places on the island. Literally we will swim up the ‘throat’ of a mountain to a waterfall located inside the gorge. After the gorge we walk back to the vehicle and will go to the Trafalgar village where a lunch will be serve at the River rock café which is a little quaint restaurant. You will end the day by taking a walk to the spectacular twin Trafalgar Falls. It is a 15-minute walk from where the vehicle stops to, the viewing area of the falls. Those who are able to, under the supervision of the guide can scramble over the boulders to the base of one of the falls where there is a great pool for more swimming. After the falls, walk back to the vehicle and return to base.
If you chose the option 2, you will go directly to the Trafalgar Falls after the Ti Tou Gorge and will have lunch at the same place. Then you will go to the city to start your excursion and board the ship to meet with the whales.

After breakfast you will be pick up to go in the Northern direction driving along the West Coast. In Portsmouth (the island’s second largest town) take a rowboat trip up to the famous Indian River, which is so called because the Carib Indians at one time lived on the higher ground up the river and used it as a route to the sea. You are likely to see herons, kingfishers and sometimes iguanas. The rowboats go to an area where the river narrows and you can get out and take a walk or go to the bush bar for a drink. (The river trip takes one to one and a half hours). After the lovely rowboat, the trip continues up to National park: “Fort Shirley Cabrits” for a historical highlight of the area and a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea from the North. After the walks at the Fort Shirley the driver will drop you in a small sea side restaurant called “Iguana” according to the catch of the day the client will be able to get: a Crayfish, Octopus or Lobsters lunch. To smooth the progress of the digestion the driver will bring you to the Syndicate rainforest located at the foothills of Morne Diablotin the highest mountain on the island. This is an area where it is most likely to see the island’s two endangered parrots the Sisserou and the Jacquot. The Syndicate rainforest has well maintained trails which pass through some of Dominica’s best easily accessible oceanic rainforest. The forest is abundant with trees like the giant Gommier (Dacryodes Excelsa) the incredibly buttressed chataignier (Sloanea Carabea) numerous epiphytes and stranglers. You will walk (1hour) through the forest and talk about trees and go to the look out points to try and view the parrots. This is an adventure and educational tour which gives information about agriculture, vegetation, rainforest and wildlife. This is an adventure and educational tour which gives information about agriculture, vegetation, rainforest and wildlife. Return to base.

After breakfast the driver will take you to the south of the island, Soufriere / Scottshead and Gallion. You will discover a place at the Soufriere village, in front of the church, where someone can frolic, in the hot mineral pool close to the edge of the sea. Then proceed to the village of Scottshead, the fisherman’s village to enjoy the view from the end point of the island, where the island of Martinique can be seen. Enjoy then a nice fresh meal at Roger’s bar. After lunch, the driver will bring you to the village of Gallion to enjoy a panoramic view of the island. After you will return up North to enjoy snorkelling off Champagne beach in the afternoon.

After breakfast, you will be driven through the southern end of the island, towards the village of Bellevue to the New Florida Estate, Leisurely cruise through the rain forest on a fully guided nature adventure! The docile, well-trained, riding horses will take you deep into the rain forest along mountain trails. Relax in your western style saddle and enjoy all that nature has to offer. (option 1)

This unique tour combines the enjoyment of ATV riding with an unforgettable experience of Nature Island. The ATV units are safe and easily operated by anyone. No experience is necessary-beginners are welcome! These all Terrain Vehicles are 4WD and automatic transmission. They travel through all types of terrain and off-road conditions enabling visitors to explore undisturbed, natural environments. This type of tour is enjoyed in all weather conditions. In fact, the wetter, the better making it ideal for Dominica's rain-forest conditions. Each ATV takes 1 driver and 1 passenger up to 350lbs. (option 2)

After one of these adventures, you will continue along the south east coast to the village of Delices, for a thrilling adventure cross crossing rivers to the Victoria Falls. (Walk is approximately 2 hours round trip). Return to base.

After breakfast, you will take forty (40) minutes drive with the driver/guide through the unspoiled Layou valley and onto your launching site. Our tubing guides will be waiting to take you on a breathtaking journey down the Layou River. There will be a short safety briefing before we begin our tubing adventure. 
Enjoy the cool mountain breeze sweeping down the valley, gently rustling through the branches of the dominant trees in the area. The breathtaking view of the vertical cliffs and the valley itself is captivating.  Surely, it does not get any better than this in the Caribbean for an outdoor adventure enthusiast. Picnic lunch on site. 
Adventure Park - (Challenge Course)
An amazing experience, gliding across the forest in zip wires. This survivor-like challenge course set in the natural rainforest in Dominica. Clad with the harness, helmet and gloves, the safety briefing and demonstration will begin. Travel on the trail, advancing from tree to tree via suspended platforms. You will encounter varied formations - the Indiana Bridge, Monkey Bridge, the Duck Walk and other footbridges and zip lines. There is even a Tarzan jump for the daring and the course ends with a zip across the Layou River and back. Return to base.

This 6-7 hour arduous hike starts in the village of Laudat. For the first hour the trail passes through lush rain and montane forests, then moving up into the elfin forests, higher ground and more difficult terrain. The Boiling Lake of Dominica is said to be the largest of its kind in the world. It is about 200 feet in diameter and is inside a crater; the lake is fed by two freshwater streams. The water is heated my magma below the surface, which causes it to boil constantly at the centre where it is over 100 degrees Celsius. The trail also passes through the Valley of Desolation an area where there are lots of volcanic related activities like hot fumaroles and Sulphur pits. Because of the mixture of different chemicals and minerals in the area the streams have interesting colours like gray, bluish gray, white and even black. It is a very strenuous hike; one should be in very good physical condition before attempting to undertake it. It is recommended that you take some liquid and snacks. These things should be carried in a knapsack in order to have your hands free. The Boiling Lake hike should not be attempted by anyone with heart conditions or suffering from old injuries, which are likely to be aggravated by stress. People with physical problems should discuss them with the guides before doing the hike. Breakfast and picnic lunch included.
Optional: Watsu (shiatsu in hot water) 40.00 US$ per person
Full body massage: 90.00 US$ per person

10th day: FREE DAY
Option 1 - Visit Roseau Market 
Option 2 - Shopping in the Capital

Depart from the Hotel and Transfer to the Airport for your flight back to your home.

What is included

  • Return flights from Geneva to Dominica via Antigua
  • Return transfers from the airport to the Evergreen Hotel
  • 9 nights with breakfast based on a Double occupancy
  • 8 picnic or regular lunch per person
  • 8 days excursions (VAT and site passes included)
  • Price based on minimum of 4 persons


Duration / Period

  • Minimum 9 nights, maximum 21 days.
  • Ask us the rates for your travel dates!


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