Transparency and satisfaction

Fees: CHF 100.- (75 EUR, 100 USD, 100 CAD) per file, deductible if the package is bought.


MJM CARIBBEAN uses two remuneration systems. There are still some companies using the commission policy for travel agent like hotels and car companies.  In our packages, we use mainly this source. However, in other tourist projects, some suppliers don’t give any commissions (like airlines), so we have to add our fees. Our aim is to provide you with the best value for our services as we want you to be satisfied and come back to us. We accept payments with PayPayl accounts, or major credit cards through a secure payment link as well as bank draft.

Due to the difficult environment of Internet, we have also to establish a specific procedure to avoid misconception of our services.

Please understand that we want to give you a detailed response that we hope will make you want to continue your travel arrangements with us. This, however, is based on a real work from our part, time consuming and using all our knowledge and experience.

Only after this first approach that will hopefully convince you of our professionalism, we will ask you for a financial participation of CHF 100 (EUR 75, USD 100), per file. We will deduct this amount from your invoice upon completion of the contract. We have to create this kind of system to provide a quality service to our customers. In fact, internet being a tool but at the same time a concurrent, we do not have, like other websites, other revenue based on advertising as we want to be free to propose you EVERYTHING. Our wages come only from our clients which reserve trips through us. We therefore need to limit our responses and concentrate on are potential customers. Thank you for your understanding.


Meilleur rapport QUALITE - PRIX!
Best quality-price!
The Out Islands of the Bahamas
From: 2695 CHF/2625 €
St Maarten & St Barthelemy : Islands Combination !!!!
From: 4195 CHF/3395 €
St Maarten & St Barthelemy : Islands Combination !!!!
From: 4195 CHF/3395 €
St Maarten & St Barthelemy : Islands Combination !!!!
From: 4195 CHF/3395 €

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